Women’s Health

Women’s Health

Our clinic in Dublin is fully equipped to look after women's health. With a range of health services for women of all ages, we work to help them improve wellness, self-confidence, and to live a healthy life.


We offer a range of contraceptive options such as

  • Contraceptive Patch
  • Contraceptive Pills ( COCP & POP)
  • Contraceptive Ring – Nuva Ring
  • Depot Injectable Contraceptive – Depo Provera
  • Implanon Insertions and Removals
  • Emergency Contraception – Morning After Pill
  • Mirena Coil Insertions and Removals

Breast Check

We provide breast checks and referrals for mammograms and referrals for those who are eligible for free breast checks with Breast Check Ireland a Government-funded programme that provides free mammograms to eligible women on an area by area basis every two years.
BreastCheck is being extended and by the end of 2021, all eligible women aged 50 to 69 will be invited for routine screening.

Menopause advice and treatment/ HRT

Female Health Check

  • Breast examination
  • Bone Density Screening Referrals ( DEXA)
  • Continence problems
  • STI screening

Women’s Health Resources

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  • Thursday 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM
  • Friday 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Fri-Sun: Open on specific dates, check availability.
  • Closed: Bank Holidays
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