Full Medical Check-up

Full Medical Check-up

Going through medical check-ups is important as to keep track of your general health and identify any possible illness at an early stage. Our full medical check-up includes three visits where you are being consulted, examined and specific points are checked and then another visit for analysing and discussing the results.

1st visit:

At the first visit our doctor will ask you about your health, medication, allergies, past illnesses, etc.

She will perform

  • Blood pressure and Heart rate check
  • Height, Weight and Body Mass Index (BMI) check
  • Physical examination and assessment of body systems

That day you will pay 60 euros.

2nd visit (Blood test and ECG)

On the second visit you will get a blood test and an electrocardiogram (electrical recording of your heart) done.

You will be asked to bring an urine and stool sample.

  • Urine test to check kidney function and for infection
  • FOB test to screen for bowel/colon cancer (usually for those over 50 years)
  • Blood test – including check of cholesterol, sugar, haemoglobin, iron, liver panel and kidney function, full blood count and glucose

That day you will pay 140 euros.

3rd visit:

  • Analysis and explanation of results
  • Advice on behavioural and lifestyle modification
  • Further advice when necessary

That day you will pay 40 euros.

Please note that if other types of analysis/tests are performed (e.g. STI test or vaginal swab) there will be an extra charge.

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